Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 30000 mAh Boost Pro with USB-PD 3.0 Announced, Special price for crowdfunding Round.

Xiaomi, under the mi crowdfunding has new product  Mi Boost pro 30000 mAh battery with USB PD-3.0. it is portable charger that comes with 30,000 mAh battery capacity.

Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 30000 mAh Boost Pro with USB-PD 3.0

The Mi PowerBank Boost pro ckmes with a new anti skid finish and features 4 input/output ports in all.The New power bank from xiaomi supports USB PD-3.0 that can be deliver up to 24w output. 

Mi PowerBank feature 30000 mAh battery  16 layers of circuit protection. 

Mi PowerBank prices:

As the new Mi PowerBank with 30,000mAh capacity power battery discounts prices RS,1999 company offering. The shipping will commence starting 15th may.

Mi PowerBank 30000mAh capacity battery feature and specifications :

Mi PowerBank feature that three ports -Two USB type A and one USB type c. It comes with 18W fast charging support and can three devices simultaneously. The USB type c you can charging any device charging that can support USB Type c. User can also charging powerbank with a mirco USB cables. 

An advance 16-layer circuit protection is integrate inside the Mi PowerBank boost oro with 30000mAh capacity battery. Mi boost pro power bank that shields the devices Against overheating, overcurrent nad short circuit.

There is a smart power management feature and low power charging mood.the power bank enters 2 hour low charging mood to juice up device like wireless  earphone and smart bands.