SEO Guest Post-Write For Us

SEO Guest Post-Write For Us


Thanks for showing your interest in Writing for itboxbd.

itboxbd is a community that publish content that help SEO seekers to learn new tips and tricks for online SEO.

Below are the Answer   to some guest  post guidelines and frequently asked question by the while Writing SEO guest post for itboxbd. 

frequently asked question:

You can write your post below categories  about:


-Apple Watch

-Tech News

-Technology Updates 


-App Review 

-Games Review 

-Mobile Phone Review 

What Should be the length of content. 

The longer the article the more chances that it will get ranking in the search engines faster.You Should at least 500-700 words article.

Should i include links with in the post.

#Yes, please include links that will be helpful and relevant for the reader.we asked that you include at least two link with in your post to other post on itboxbd

Should i include Picture for my blog. 

#yes,it is appropriate for the blog Post. We required at least 3-4 images in a blog post.

Should i include a video for my blog.

#Yes,You can upload a video for your blog. if possible try to include relevant video URL in your blog post. 

Can i get Backlinks for my blog.

#yes,we required two Backlinks in your Blog post. 

To Submit Your Post or Contact us, Contact Form or Make Author of My Site Fill-up the Google Doc 

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